Laurone McLendon

Laurone McLendon

    Official Biography (courtesy of Laurone McLendon)

    Laurone McLendon was born into a family of incredibly gifted singers, and musicians in a city that had its’ own signature sound in popular music culture…. The “Sound of Philadelphia”.  It was clear from the start that there was something special about Laurone, even as a child he displayed precocious musical, and vocal talent.  During his early school years, music teachers often remarked on how his voice stood out from those of his peers, how “in control” of his voice he was at such an early age.  For as much as Laurone was called on to sing leads and special selections in every school production, he remained humble and encouraging to fellow students.  Laurone attributes his being grounded to his involvement in his families’ street ministry; his parents taught him that the gift of song is something that you share.

    Laurone cites his father as his greatest inspiration.  He often says, “My father is the greatest singer in the world, once the first note leaves my dads’ lips it’s over!”  Well, the proverbial apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.  Laurone’s intoxicatingly smooth tenor and crystal clear falsetto voice captures your imagination, and leaves an indelible impression upon the heart and soul of the listener.  His other influences include Donnie Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Eric Benet, and Frank McComb just to name a few.

    In later years, Laurone's family moved to Georgia, leaving Philadelphia and two of his five siblings behind.  However, it was when he relocated to New York City that his musical journey took an incredible leap.  Reunited with his brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews, they began recording a long awaited McLendon Family album under the guidance of legendary Grammy Award winning producer, and brother-in-law Keith Diamond.  While recording with his family, Laurone, simultaneously, worked closely with Keith on his myriad projects doing vocal referencing, and songwriting.  It was during the sessions with Keith that Laurone began to cultivate his own writing style.  With his families’ album nearing completion, they entered the McDonald’s Gospelfest…. And won!  While the album, completed, was being “shopped” to various record labels, tragedy struck.  Keith and Laurone’s oldest sister Beverly died before the album was released.  Emotionally crushed, Laurone vowed that he would never sing again.

    Two years later Laurone heard a sermon delivered by his Pastor, Reverend A.R. Bernard entitled, “Origin, Purpose, and Destiny”.   That sermon would serve as the catalyst for the healing process and brought enlightenment to Laurone on what he was created to do…. SING! Destiny intervened and Laurone was introduced to Gil Small after he performed at a gig with Gil’s wife Robin.  The connection was immediate, and the music they have been producing is making waves.  And now, Groove City Entertainment, headed by the highly acclaimed producer Gil Small is poised and ready to release an aural tsunami on the shores of the R&B world.

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