Lene Riebau - Jazz Handle (2007)

Lene Riebau
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First coming to my attention as a vocalist on the soulful track 'Naughty Girl' by Denmark based production team Cool Million, this debut set showcases a truly extraordinary talent. Indeed such is the nature of the talent on display that you are actually wishing that the length of the average track which is in the region of just over three minutes was far longer.

Ms Riebau mixes intelligent lyrical content borne out of experiences that life throws at you with catchy and melodic tunes. Themes of lost love, broken homes and delicate father/daughter relationships are explored through a mixture of styles that include neo-soul, jazz, blues and RnB. The opening track, 'Up Up Up He Goes,' a gentle melodic and funky two stepper about keeping the inner child that is in all of us alive showcases a vocal style from Lene that is major league. Comparisons with others are not fair because this talent is above such banal musings. This is a lady that has matured through learning her art the hard way and it shows. By the time that you reach track three, the catchy 'Elementary' that features some wholesome sax playing by Jacob Dinesen, you begin to realise that this album is an absolute addition to the collection of any music connoisseur that appreciates quality in all areas.

Bringing up a family, living in a country that is not automatically thought of as being at the forefront of soulful jazz and neo-soul and yet still being able to follow your dreams and goals is no mean feat and Ms Riebau should be applauded for completing a project of some worth. Stand up and take a bow Lene 2008 is your year!  


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