Lenny Harold

Lenny Harold

    Official Biography (courtesy of Lenny Harold) 

    Every so often the industry is blessed to witness the birth of a genuine new artist- the kind whose very first single grabs music fans' attention and maintains it until arriving at bona fide stardom. BlackBelt Music Group recording artist Lenny Harold is just that; as he shows the world his innovative artistry with the release of his forthcoming, inventively titled debut album, The Journal of Wonders: Tales of the Phoenix in the Moon Labyrinth.

    Born Glenn H. Adams Jr., the gifted Plainfield, New Jersey native has spent the better part of his life on some form of a stage. Growing up on healthy helpings of classic soul singers like Al Green, Sam Cooke, and Luther Vandross provided him with a solid musical foundation; but his more direct influences were contemporaries like Prince, Lauryn Hill, and D'Angelo. As a member of an extracurricular high school program partnered with the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Lenny's original aspiration was to be an actor. After seeing awe-inspiring performances by some of his music idols, he was compelled to try his hand at singing instead, and soon began honing his craft by performing at local talent shows. He eventually crossed paths with veteran music executive Darnell Scott, and was given the "big break" that aspiring artists always dream about. Before meeting Scott, Lenny would find himself on the very stage that inspired him to become a vocalist. Under his old moniker CHANJ, Lenny proved an undeniable force to be reckoned with when he appeared as an "Amateur Night" contestant on Showtime at the Apollo. Commanding an audience known globally for its fiercely critical and sometimes brutal reception, he put his own stamp on Floetry's highly received sensual ballad "Say Yes." It was the mark of a consummate performer, as he recalls, "It was a lukewarm reception as I began to sing the song, but I just kept going... it turned into cheers and people standing and clapping." He won the challenge not once, but four times- earning a $25,000 dollar grand prize for his final victory. Footage of his captivating performance of the song on the Apollo and shows at other live venues has generated thousands of hits on YouTube.

    Lenny's updated version of "Say Yes" appears on his first EP, Time for CHANJ, and he now gets consistent requests to perform it. After friends insisted the song's originators see him pay homage at the Apollo performance, former Floetry vocalist Marsha Ambrosius was equally impressed with his version of her composition and was thrilled to work with him on the track "Give it All." He says of the Grammy-winning songwriter, "Working with Marsha was incredible. I'm such a fan of hers and she wound up being a fan of me too, which made for great chemistry in the studio."

    Lenny was able to nurture his own budding skills as a songwriter on the project while working alongside a host of industry heavy-hitters. He says, "I really just wanted to get involved with different people with different ideas. And I wanted to learn a lot so that I would have a lot more knowledge on how to really construct a song, or really get the best out of a harmony." In addition to Ambrosius, some of his collaborators included Dre & Vidal, Adonis, and Day 26's Robert Curry and Mike City.

    Under the new direction of entertainment and media mogul Forrest Renaissance of BlackBelt Music Group and KYA Entertainment, Lenny recently released his long-awaited full-length debut album, The Journal of Wonders: Tales of the Phoenix in the Moon Labryinth on March 22nd, 2011. An eclectic mixture of R&B and Soul with delicate hints of Pop, Rock, and Jazz that will grab any listener's attention from start to finish- Lenny's release pioneers a unique sound which the artist himself has coined as "hybrid soul." The Journal of Wonders delivers lyrical content about admiration, infatuation, and love in a manner that in today's industry is rare to be seen. "My musical style is a bit more honest, a bit more genuine. My lyrical content has to display a certain type of image - a gentleman-ism, a romantic side. Of course it can be fun, but at the end of the day I want to influence people with love all over again." The album consists of 14 original songs; production by Cass Maya; collaborations with Taylor Ryan and Solomon Cortes of WMC Productions; and the support of renowned musicians/writers responsible for some of the greatest hits in mainstream music history.

    Armed with an enormous amount of talent and stage-worthy charisma, Lenny Harold is next in line to carve a permanent niche for himself in the music industry- destined to reach the crossover status few R&B singers have achieved before him. He recognizes the qualities of a quintessential artist because he possesses them, and continues to master his craft while captivating the hearts and souls of audiences worldwide.

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