Levi Tearr

Levi Tearr

Official Biography (courtesy of Levi Tear)

Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Multi-Instrumentalist (guitar, bass, keyboard, percussion, drums) and mixing engineer. Born in The Netherlands to Caribbean parents, Levi has always had the drive to be an artist and travel the world. From a young age he started producing music in his father's studio. After a 2 year stint as the host of one of the most popular jam sessions in Amsterdam, he gained some recognition on the circuit. In an effort to gain more experience and see more of the world he signed with an agency in Spain, where for several years he did up to 25+ shows a month,making him into the young veteran he is today.

Annoyed with having to wait on producers to find time for you, or finish your project, he decided to start building his own studio.This led to his first solo release in 2010: "Expressions Of Self." Now, almost a year later, he is back with his sophomore effort: "Beyond Belief," a project that touches on the many musical influences that sculpt his style, from rock to reggae to jazz, done in a way that is remenicent of the 60s and 70s, using vintage guitar amps and the Fender Rhodes.

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