Lorin Christopher

Lorin Christopher

Producing, writing, and performing all my own music really allows me to do whatever I want with music. My music roots are deep. I started creating music when I was seven years old.

I always found music peculiar. Listening to the music would paint such a colorful collage in my mind. It wasn't until I was in sixth grade that I recorded my first pieces. At the time I didn't have any real music equipment. All I had was this cheap CD changer that had a karaoke function. I somehow figured out how to reverse the polarity in a cheap pair of headphone to use them as a microphone since I didn't have one at the time. Using two cassettes, I would beat box and sing layer after layer. Until I eventually dubbed myself into a cute little music tape.

My parents saw something and decided to buy me some music software. I saved up some money and bought my first microphone for ten dollars at RadioShack. When I was twelve, I developed a huge crush on this girl, and found myself creating songs about her that eventually turned into an entire CD. By the time I got to middle school, I decided that I wanted to become a producer. Because my deepest passion was writing music. Being a military brat spending the first 9 years of my life in Japan really gave me the ability to explore and create music of all different styles and cultures. I felt being a producer would enable me to exercise that ability.

By High School I already produced two mix tapes and worked with almost a dozen artists. Although working with all these personalities developed my skills in production, there began to develop a void. An unquenched thirst. Most of the artists at the time may have been decent in the specialized genre they were in, few of them would ever go outside their box or see any of my visions for new, progressive music. If it was hot to sound "Crunk" or cliche to convert to Islam and rap about politics that's what the artists around me were doing. Since I started producing in 2002, my mother has always asked me why I don't come out with my own music instead of developing other artists. It wasn't until many, many artists later that I had an epiphany. Which puts me to current day, me writing this bio for you. Thanks again for your support. "Take the time to pursue what makes you happy. Otherwise, be happy with what you get.."
By Lorin Christopher

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