Los Lonely Boys

Los Lonely Boys

The three man band Los Lonely Boys stormed onto the music scene in 2004 with their self-titled album and their top ten hit "Heaven."  Not only was their "Texican" pop different than anything else on Top 40 radio, it was the kind music that was simply ignored by music critics.  It was the listeners who found them and were instantly attracted to the group's irresistible blend of Latin, Southern Rock, Soul, Blues and Adult Contemporary sounds.

Consisting of brothers Henry (guitar, lead vocals), JoJo (bass) and Ringo Garza (drums), Los Lonely Boys have been playing together virtually all of their lives. Their father, Enrique Garza, was a regionally popular musician in Texas, and the younger Garzas began backing him as teenagers in the early 90s, touring through Texas and other parts of the South. 

As the turn of the century hit, the trio began playing on their own, with their impeccable harmonies, their development as songwriters, and Henry's emergence as a top-notch guitarist fueling their ascent, and ultimately leading to their signing by Epic Records.

The group's eponymous debut album was a left-field hit.  "Heaven" led the way for the disc, but great, accessible album cuts abounded, including "Hollywood" and the ballad "More Than Love," gaining for the group fans across multiple genres, including Soul.  They won the 2005 Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Duo/Group, and were nominated for Best New Artist.  They also became sought-after collaborators, and worked with Carlos Santana on the hit "I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love."

In late 2005, the brothers began recording their sophomore studio disc, working with producer John Porter (Keb' Mo).  They composed a basketful of tunes that they whittled down to 13 for Sacred, which was released in July, 2006.  The album debuted impressively, landing in the top five in its first week, but faded quickly on the charts, as did the group's subsequent releases.

By Chris Rizik


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