SoulTracks Lost Gem: John Tropea - Tambourine

It's not just ballads on this corner of the Lost Gems universe my fellow SoulTrackers, sometimes a straight up Disco-Jazz JAM gets lost. I present to you the case of this Disco-Jazz instrumental by New York based guitarist JOHN TROPEA whose credits are too ridiculous to attempt to list. For reference though, he played on Harry Chapin's "Cats In The Cradle", James Brown "Superbad, Superslick" and 3 albums by legendary rapper Kurtis Blow.

Oh, and he made this ridiculously propulsive driving jam back in 1977 on the TK label from the album "Tropea", the name of this song is "Tambourine". I don't hear many Tambourines in it, but I do hear some Solid Drumming, Funky Bass and Conga work and some of the most Awesome guitar work on a Disco record not by CHIC or Dennis Coffey.

John Tropea - "Tamborine"


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By Donald Cleveland

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