Lydia Caesar

Lydia Caesar

Official Biography (courtesy of Lydia Caesar)

She walks into a room, and commands your attention. She opens her mouth, and makes people smile. She takes the stage, and you will never forget her. Lydia Caesar is an experience. An artist that can truly sing sans the vocal tricks and studio manipulation. A songwriter penning songs with heart felt words from beginning to end, and the stage presence of a performance veteran. Lydia Caesar is the real deal.

Lydia's not your typical R&B bombshell; she's created her own lane which she calls "Rock&B". Her soulful, yet edgy vocal ability is a force to be reckoned with. Placed over live musical tracks filled with guitar riffs, and live drums, she simply put, writes timeless records. Records that are ageless, even colorless. Born and raised in Hollis, Queens as one of four children to a Jamaican mother and a father with St. Lucian roots, Lydia 's strong, musical church-going family consequently lead her to singing. "Music is a way of life, it's in me and I can't help it so that's why it means so much; I write what I live."

At the tender age of four Lydia was singing in front of hundreds of people at the church founded by her grandfather and where her father serves as the bishop, Bethel Gospel Tabernacle. "God blessed me with a gift, and now it's my time to turn around and bless the world." Artists such as Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Andre Crouch and Chaka Khan, inspired Lydia 's desire to not only sing, but to perform. Once in high school, 16 year old Lydia was writing, directing, and starring in musical theatre shows, but it was a few years later that marked the turning point in Lydia's career. Out of roughly 10,000 people, Lydia was one of the final 15 singers who auditioned for the first season of P. Diddy's Making the Band 2 on MTV. "It was at this point when I decided to start writing my own music at the suggestion of people working on the show. I became inspired at how far that I had made it so I bought a notebook and began to write."

Lydia's star power has garnered the crown of several New York City showcases, the recognition of for her answer to Musiq Soulchild's "Buddy," a 2007 Underground Music Award for best R&B female, and she's even traveled abroad. Lydia was booked by a major Moroccan promoter for a month long Tour in Morocco . Lydia was also one of the voices for the Amber Ready event at ABC studios this past summer (2009). She blazed the stage, opening for Robin Thicke, Ciara, Tre y Songz, and Day 26. Her songwriting skills were also recently put to use, as she penned 4 records that will be on industry giant, Randy Muller's new album entitled "Soul Biscuts" slated to be released in March 2010.

Lydia has certainly been busy, and now this star on the rise is gearing up for a very important time in her career. The release of her Debut album entitled " Electric Love Garden " Together she and her producer MotesArt have created a sound that is uniquely her own. A blend of Rock and Rhythm and Blues, which they call "Rock&B". Her Debut album is filled with songs that are refreshing, and just make you feel good. She's preparing to shoot a video for a "crowd favorite" on the album called "Loves Bell" soulful vocals, over rock guitar riffs, this LP breaks the typical mold of one genre. It explores that of R&B, soul, rock and even pop. Lydia also joined forces with The Beatbanggahz who produced 2 songs on her LP and the Souldiggaz as well. Her team is prepping for a Spring release April (2010). "I want people to hear my music and say ‘wow, I've gone through that or I feel like that'... people relating to the music is key."

Although highly focused on her music, Lydia is also headed towards her BA in Theatre at Hofstra University having already made huge impressions in Hamlet and The Birds off Broadway. Not just a double threat, Ms. Caesar's vibrant, neck-turning sense of style effortlessly gels vintage with Vogue's latest. She is often seen wearing her own line of accessories, Ceasarwest Designs and never with the same hairstyle twice. Possessing a personality that reflects her appearance Lydia has the ability to sustain career longevity in a fickle entertainment industry. "Everyone has a purpose, everybody has a time, and I believe that mine is coming soon." Daughter, sister, mother, singer, writer, actress, designer, soul flower...introducing Lydia Caesar.

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