Marc Evans

Marc Evans

    Official Biography (courtesy of Marc Evans)  

    Marc A. Evans, a native Baltimorean, was born into music.  Yet amazingly, this son of a vocalist and jazz saxophonist didn't discover his own music until his late teens.  Finally, as a student at Morgan State University , under the tutelage of Dr. Nathan Carter, Evans began nurturing a love for music.  Out of that nurturing arises one of the most sultry, smoky baritones ever.  That smooth voice meshed with passionate delivery sets Evans apart from the rest as one of the most talented vocalists of the new millennium.

    After performing on the Baltimore/DC circuit of open-mic jam sessions and live band hotspots as a soloist and with his band, Soul Centered, Evans decided there was something missing in his music.  Having been inspired by lyrical greats Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, Sting, and Sade, Evans decided to focus  

    as much on his lyrical development as his musical craftsmanship.  Evans began to write poetry and perform on the open-mic circuit.  As "The Songbyrd", Evans the poet traveled and performed with the poetry trio "Da Minista, JaHipster, and The Songbyrd" up and down the East Coast from Massachusetts to the Carolinas .  Evans' unparalleled blend of deep verses accentuated with smoke-n-soul riffs and hooks flavor his poetic delivery with that "special something" that has made him a favorite on the performance poetry circuit.

    Whether it's his independent releases, The First Seven Years, VOR Live, Intervention, or his international label release The Way You Love Me (Defected Records), he pursues both his writing and his music with purpose.  Balancing his talents in both areas, Evans lyrical presentation in song and spoken word is miles beyond one-dimensional artists.  To witness any of his performances is truly an experience one won't soon forget.

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