Mariama Whyte

Mariama Whyte

Official Biography (courtesy of Mariama Whyte)

Whether in the recording studio, featured on national stages or crafting a poignant song, Mariama Whyte has the secret recipe that is certain to satisfy even the most discerning palette. She has played leading roles in the Broadway national tours of The Color Purple (“Celie” and “Nettie”) and The Lion King (“Rafiki” and “Shenzi.”) A mother, author and graduate of The College of Wooster, Mariama has performed on the Oprah Winfrey Show, shared the stage with mega-producer David Foster, acted alongside Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child and has been featured on national and local ad campaigns. She has opened for world-renowned bands such as The Soul Rebels and MAKU Soundsystem. As a young child, Mariama was immersed in music and performance--studying voice, acting, piano and violin. It was clear to her early on that music and writing would be integral parts of her life and has since become a great performer and profound songwriter. Born to a Jamaican father and an African-American mother and raised in the Cleveland OH, Mariama absorbed the sounds of soul, pop, jazz, rock, hip-hop, Broadway musicals, gospel and reggae. She brings a fresh sound she describes as “contemporary R&B with splashes of world and rock music,” evidenced in her eclectic debut EP “Find Your Light." Influenced by countless music icons, Mariama delivers passion and heart in her music and performance. Equally vibrant behind the scenes, Mariama has a broad songwriting scope and always penning fresh, unique ideas. Mariama is a young woman of undeniable skill, talent and exceptional artistry, a rare gem. With beautiful, unique melodies and lyrics, versatile music, an empowering message and a distinct voice of pure range and power, Mariama Whyte is destined to flourish as an innovative musical powerhouse.

Written by Trent Armand Kendall

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