Marilyn Ashford Brown

Marilyn Ashford Brown

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    In an industry dominated by youth, she is the exception and nothing can hold her back. Call her "old-school" or whatever you wish, but she is classic with a style that is uniquely her own, and a repertoire that satisfies listeners regardless of age. Her audiences loves her so much, evident at the point of her introduction, that the mere mentioning of her name sends them into an immediate uproar of anticipation. Some people just want the fame, fortune and riches that comes with being a celebrity. But Marilyn Ashford-Brown is a very classy, sophisticated and exciting Lady with a sensational sound. Not caught up in the rapture of the "bling" and glamour which comes with the business, she just simply wants to sing, and to be able to make a decent living doing the one thing she loves doing more than anything in the world.

    While she hasn't attained the level to success that she deserves, she continues to create her own mark in the music world. She wont discuss age, because she feels that age has absolutely nothing to do with how good music sounds. But the industry is and has always been an age-discriminating business, when in fact, the publics likes of music has never been determined by an artists age. Either they like it, or they dont. Truth be told, children between eight to 16 prefer old school music, to music of today. For years, she has struggled to be heard by the recording industry, which would allow this mesmerizing voice and talent to be both heard and seen all over the world. But, she has withstood the test of time. Many of her professional credits are on recording of Pieces of A Dream, the late, Lou Rawls. She has opened at for the late, Phyllis Hyman. There is an elemental aura to the voice and music, of this R&B Songwriter, Entertainer and Recording Artist. As a songwriter, one of her songs titled "Number One" caught the ears of, Orpheus Record Executive, Charles Huggins who was seeking music for an artist. Marilyns publishing company, Ashfo Music entered into a joint publishing venture with Orpheus. Number One charted on Billboard at number 76.On stage, this Singer-Performer, Recording Artist, Songwriter is clearly in its her comfort zone. She has a smile that will light up any stage or room. When.Her speaking voice can be deceiving, because it has someone what of a little girl t she begins to singopens it to sing, wow! Its powerful enough to carry New Yorks Madison Square Garden. Both places, she someday hopes to perform. Her appearance at New Yorks world-famous Apollo Theater, where the audience gave her a standing ovation is just one testament to her music prowess.

    This Washington, D.C. native was recently privileged by an invitation to perform for the Congressional Black Caucus 2008 Awards Dinner where Presidential Candidate, Barack Obama was the highest honoree and recipient of the "Phoenix Award". She was accompanied by The Clarence Knight Orchestra and shared the stage with Grammy Award Winner, Pattie Labelle. Marilyn received notoriety along with Labelle spite the fact two other entertainers performed. Marilyn once read a quote from actor, Harrison Ford, which has stayed with her for many years. It stated: that its the people who get on the bus, and stay on it, which are successful, not the ones who get off. Marilyn has been on the bus for quite some time and she's not about to get off. SomeUnfortunatelySS passengers who started this journey with her, got off early., Bbut, she stayed on. As a result, doors are beginning to open at all the right stops. Marilyn has truly withstood the test of time.

    She depends totally on God, prayer and being musically creative to sooth and sustain her soul. Marilyn believes that He has given her a mission to accomplish, and until recently, it had never been evident to her, exactly how her musical talents were to be used. But her rendition of Earth, Wind and Fire's 1976 hit titled: "Can't Hide Love" featured on her first independently released CD titled: Marilyn Ashford Brown...Still Standing, was released in October 2007. Eight months later an invitation was extended to her to open two nights for Comedian, Steve Harvey. She performed on June 6th and 7th, 2008 at the famous, Kodak Theatre, home to the Oscars, Academy and Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California. In spite of minimal air play, her CD is proving to have a wide-range of marketable potential in both the U. S. and abroad in the United Kingdom, Tokyo, and Canada where online sales continue to increase. As Executive Producer, Ashford Brown independently funded the cost, co-produced and wrote ten of twelve tracks on this phenomenal CD.