Mark A'lleven

Mark A'lleven


Artist Biography

Official Biography (courtesy of Mark A'lleven)

From the back yard barbecue, collard greens and green beans sound of "I Want You" to the to bumpin good time dance hall step of "You're the One" to the neck breaking guitar smackin "I Feel Alright" the infectious soul groove and Wilson Pickett-ish delivery will make your ears say, Mark All'even where have you been all my life. Mark is an young man with a incredible voice full of surprisingly versatile, authentic old school overtones that grabs you and says listen, laugh, cry and love with me. His music and delivery are a throwback to the days of the great soul men yet it remaining refreshingly original. Hailing from the hardscrabble auto town of Detroit Michigan, this son of a Baptist preacher was singing before he could talk. Music was in his blood and it showed from soul moving solos as a child in the church choir to passionate writing and producing in music studios. With an insatiable passion for music, and a reputation for on the mic creativity delivering of one take recordings it was easy to see that Mark was made to make music. With such a unique voice it took some trial and error to find his lane in a music landscape full of auto-tuned popstars and hip hop braggadocios. But in 2009, Mark fully embraced his unique sound and the end result has been an undeniably, scorching hot debut that is turning heads that is re-tuning ears from Detroit to Memphis to London England. If you haven't heard him yet just keep listening, you will and when you do just sit back, buckle up and enjoy the journey to a place where soul meets soul.

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