Maverick Gaither

Maverick Gaither

    Official Biography (courtesy of Maverick Gaither)

    Many are called, but few are chosen. Maverick’s debut CD ‘Be My Music’ reached #1 on London’s Soul Charts, and stayed on the charts for 4 months.

    Singer/songwriter Maverick Gaither a Brooklyn native has been playing the saxophone since age 11, when he chose the sax because he liked the way the name of the instrument sounded. Maverick has been playing in nightclubs since he was 15. Maverick a graduate of Erasmus Hall High School of Music and Art in Brooklyn, the Naval Academy School of Music in Norfolk Virginia, also attended Pike’s Peak Community College in Coldsprings Colorado, and the Education College of Technology in Manhattan.

    After hearing and being inspired by the Voice of Luther Vandross in 1980, Maverick began his own singing career and was twice named Top Male Vocalist in the US Army. Following his honorable discharge from the army, Maverick began performing with Regina Belle, Teddy Pendergrass, and Cheryl Pepsii Riley among others. Maverick has performed at many venues including the world famous Apollo, Madison Square Garden’s Felt Forum, the Waldorf Astoria, NBC Studios, Fox Studios, B. Smith’s, Brown Sugar, Temple Beth Shalom, After Five Club, Woodbury Country Club, Tam O’Shanter Country Club, and Flowerfield Country Club.

    Maverick is currently the lead vocalist, saxophonist, and master of ceremonies for New York Entertainment’s Central Park Orchestra, with whom he has performed since 1990. He is such a versatile performer he has won rave reviews for his ability to sing everything from ‘60’s R&B, to Ne-Yo, to Frank Sinatra, a Jah Heim and his own original compositions. Don Harris, a master trumpet player has remarked “Man, you can play, no you can really play. And with that voice”  “Yeah you sound like Grover, really soulful like. You know what I mean.” remarked Tim Cappella, a brilliant saxophonist in his own right.

    Maverick’s freshman CD, a collaboration with producer/musician Gil Small proves he has a PhD in jazz, rhythm and blues, and pop, and freely visits those genres in this 10 song offering.

    The title track “Be My Music” is an instant classic. One can’t resist singing along with the words;

    “You can be the jazz in my pop, the R&B in my rock, you can be my music. You can be the sound of my horn, I want to play you nice and warm, you can be my music.”

    The song “No One But You” is one of the most beautiful love songs in recent memory and is sure to be a popular wedding song.

    The CD also contains a duet with the beautiful and supple voice of Miss Cheryl Pepsi Riley on the cut “Love of My Life,” and a rap by Sauce Money on Dangerous.

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