Official Biography (courtesy of Methodology) 

Five Kats that like nothing more than to belt out some thick grooves, solid funk, and sonic soul like it was an out-of-body experience. Other band traits include; enticing people to dance, rockin a live stage, smack-talking each other to score wins on a peer-judged point system for annual prizes, enjoying cold beverages, and debating the current state of the music industry. Oh yeah, they spend way too much time (and money) in late-night record stores. Formed in late 2003, Methodology came together as five individual artists looking to combine their efforts in order to create and perform some intense, original music based on a main element of serious groove. Using an eclectic blend of Funk, Soul, Rock, R&B, Jazz and Hip Hop, this Toronto band have considerably fused these elements into an original mix on their first record release. Produced by Adam King, the band's debut album entitled 'What We Have' has come to fruition and is quick to capture the attention and ensnare the ears of everyone they encounter.

Available Music

Featured Album - Michael Mayo - Bones
Choice Cut - Ascendant feat. Angela Johnson - "It's Not Over"
Song of the Month - Ty Causey feat. Monet Cherise - "U-Turn"
Album of the Month - Derrick "Doc" Pearson - A Family Man

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