Michael Henderson

Michael Henderson

    Michael Henderson is a classic musical double-threat, both as a world class bass guitarist and later as uber popular soul singer.

    Henderson’s career began purely as a musician. Stevie Wonder met him in Chicago and was captivated by the deep sound of his bass guitar. He hired Henderson to tour with him, and the young bass guitarist was on his way. The exposure of the Wonder tour brought Henderson to the attention of jazz legend Miles Davis, leading to Henderson playing on several of Davis’s most revered fusion albums of the 70s. Henderson became a much sought after musician, and he continued to play with such notable artists as Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin and Doctor John.

    But to most soul music fans, Henderson is known as a popular soul crooner who topped the charts both on his own, as a duet partner with Phyllis Hyman and Jean Carn, and as a guest vocalist with Norman Connors. Henderson’s vocals on Connors’ “You Are My Starship” created one of the most revered soul music ballads ever, and his tantalizing duets with Carn (“Valentine Love”) and Hyman ("Can't We Fall In Love Again") are Quiet Storm staples.

    Henderson also scored major hits as a solo artist. The midtempo “Take Me I’m Yours” was a top 5 smash in 1978, and the even bigger “Wide Receiver” assured R&B fans of his funk credentials. After eight albums and nearly a dozen R&B hits, Henderson stopped recording by end of the 1980s (though many of his songs have been covered or sampled by other artists ever since).

    Henderson continues to perform and tour around the world.

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