Michael Lovesmith

Michael Lovesmith

Known more as a songwriter than a performer, Michael Lovesmith had a decent career supporting other artists throughout the 70, 80s and 90s.

Born in St. Louis, Lovesmith (actual name Michael Smith) was part of the moderately successful family act the Smith Connection, which had the hit "I've Been a Winner."  The group then signed with Motown in the mid-70s, changing its name to Lovesmith while Michael became a Motown staff writer. He co-wrote the J5 hit "All I Do Is Think of You" and later went on to write for artists ranging from Smokey Robinson to Gladys Knight to Bobby Brown.

As Motown was hitting bumps in the 80s, Lovesmith became a solo performing artist, issuing a series of upbeat, melodic albums that had minor success.  He received some airplay for the songs "Baby I Will," the Marvin Gaye-like "Break The Ice" and the ballad "A Promise Is A Promise."

In the 90s, Lovesmith continued to write and provide backing vocals, including work for Luther Vandross and Barry White.  He has been extremely quiet in the new millennium.

By Chris Rizik

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