Austin, Texas based singer/songwriter/musician Michaux is a pretty ambitious guy.  Mixing a love for music with a passion for at-risk children, he splits his time between his chaplain work at Texas Youth Commission (Juvenile Corrections Agency), his halfway house ministry for teenage men in Texas, and his message-filled, uniquely styled music.

The latter part of his regular life was displayed on his 2004 self-released debut album Just Michaux.  While generally labeled a "Modern Soul" album, Just Michaux is an unusual combination of a wide variety of styles, from hip hop to modern R&B to soulful ballads to adult contemporary sounds.  The unusual combination of influences in his sound make it fairly unique and quite interesting.  

It was a half decade later when Michaux went back into the studio, this time with an even more ambitious goal: to record a live jam tribute to Marvin Gaye's What's Goin' On.  To realize his dream, Michaux traveled to the UK for several weeks of recording on vintage equipment with a live band.  The result is What's Goin' On...Still..., to be released in Fall 2010. 

By Chris Rizik

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