Nahjai Soul

Nahjai Soul

Official Biography (courtesy of Nahjai Soul)

Nahjai Soul was born in Atlanta Georgia the 3rd child out of 5 and the only girl of 5 brothers. Her Loving mother Bettye Smith. A single parent , A Mother and a Father and a great role model to her daughter of strength and endurance raised her well. Growing up in the projects Nahjai quickly learned that struggle and strength go hand in hand. Nahjai begin discovering her talents in music at an early age of 7 by being apart of the chorus and in school plays. She loved her music so.

As she grew older and the family moved around a bit in the Atlanta Area she began cultivating her love for music by becoming involved in High School Choirs and becoming apart of her ministry at Decatur Mission Church Pentecostal Church.

She enjoyed singing for Christ and was saved at the age of 12. Nahjai Soul was the director for the youth choir and also played drums for the Womens Choir. They called her little "Sheila E".

Nah-Jai spent her childhood performing in various school plays, musicals, local talent shows and community functions around town. These early yearnings for performing on stage, dancing & singing lead her to become a member of Dekalb Mass Motivational 200 Voice Choir where she quickly became the lead vocalist and vocal arranger. This unique experience provided Nah-Jai' the opportunity to travel throughout the state and enlighten the hundreds of fans that began to follow her promising career.

Nahjai also sung with a group started by her and her closest friend Latieya Lee called Inspirational Voices and the 2 of them would bring the house down and the praises up. Eventually things changed such as life will do and the two went their separate ways but still plan on reuniting in the future.

Now a Young Lady Nahjai Soul went on to become apart of a group called Janame which means "In the name of Jesus". As one of the lead vocalist of the group the talented women were phenomenal and praised God to the fullest. They performed around the country and for benefits such as the National Cancer Society. Due to other challenges some members face the group parted but this did not stop Nahjai.

She begun to work with numerous producers & writers and soon after, record executives and independent labels began to take notice and ask, "Who is the girl with the incredible voice". Nah-Jai' begun to develop her vocal style, personal sound and coupled with her life experiences would begin shaping her true musical destiny. Upon numerous recording sessions, countless producers, stage shows, club dates, private events and more trials & tribulations she continues to live and fight for her dream.

Having a refreshing new live sound and a soulful band to back her up she continues her creative growth performing at events & venues such as 2006 Hosea Williams Feed The Hungry, The MLK Festivals, "On Stage Live Revue" at the Atrium w/ Barry Brown, World Congress Center for the NAACP, Clark Atlanta Univ., 2007 NU-Soul After-Party, Café Red, Civic Center in Columbus, GA., Fort Valley State Univ., Showcase of the South, Apache Café and Black Lion Café, The CNN Center for the National Black Legislative Caucus, The Greater Atlanta Jazz Festival 06 & 07, Café 290, Rialto Theater.....just to name a few. While her journey and experiences have taught her to trust only in God and to NEVER GIVE UP or GIVE IN. She continues to press on and desire to live only to share her gift through song.

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