Official Biography (courtesy of Najite)

Kelvin "Najite" Ikpeni is a Jazz, Gospel, R&B, Fusion and Contemporary guitarist originally born in his native country of Nigeria and is professionally called Najite (Nah-Jee-Teh).

Playing guitar as a teenager in his local church, his hope, dream and desire was to grow to become professional, with a constant hunger to learn and be the best studying great musicians. In the summer of 2005, he moved from his home town of Lagos, Nigeria, and came to the United States in search of new ideas for his rhythmic, melodic and harmonic jazz phrasing, continuing his pursuits in music.

Once in the United States, he quickly met other fellow musicians working with many churches and playing with well known musicians, such as Lionel Peterson, Ron Kenoly, Bishop TD Jakes, Donnie McClurkin, Cindy Trimm, Alvin Slaughter and Marvin L Winans. He also has served as Music Director and Band Leader for CORA Award Winner, Sammie Okposo and The X-Generation Band, and was one of the few musicians selected to attend the South African Film and Television Market (SYTHENGI) in South Africa 2003.

In addition, Najite has a diploma in Biblical studies from The Redeemer Bible College and Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary. Najite plays his own style of music called "Neo Life Groove" exemplified by the debut release "The Genesis of Me" on the Spectra Jazz label.

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