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Nichelle Colvin


Artist Biography

Official Biography (courtesy of Nichelle Colvin)

Nichelle Colvin, born and raised in Gary, Indiana, sings with great emotion and sincerity. Her style in one word would be a "Storyteller". Her songs take you on an adventure into many worlds ranging from Love, Hate, Hurt, Pain, Happiness, Laughter and Soulful Ainguish. This sultry singer started her career in church at the Rosa Jackson Youth Choir at Trinity Missionary Baptisit Church. She wrote her first 3 songs, which became Billboard award winning songs as a sophomore in college. "Hold On", "Yaweh" and "What turns you on", as a teenager, not bad for your first time out huh? Her first album project "Circular Soul" was a midwest compilation album of artist in which she wrote a song "Picture That" which would later become on the the songs added to her first album Project "Relations 1". Not only did this album sell out, but it also got her, her first licensing deal in the UK with a label called "Street Cultrue Records". This would not be Nichelle's only deal in the UK, which is where her biggest fan base seems to be. Her Sophomore Project, "Millenaire", which is still available on i-tunes as well as the internet and some stores got her another deal with a label called, "Cafedesoul Records". Cafedesoul decided to take a few songs from her first and second album and call it "Language of Love" which is also available on the web. This project was featured in Echoes Magazine. "Berkana", Nichelle's third project got Nichelle her first deal in the US with a label called "Taste Records". Nichelle's 4th Album  called "Soulfully Yours, Nichelle" had her working with a very talented producer by the name of Aaron "The Titan" Bradley,  who has written numerous hits as well as produced for NFL, NCAA, BRAVO, TruTV, VH1 and more. 
They claimed an award in the 2008 UK Songwriting Contest for the song "Justin Case" which is one of the cuts off of "Soulfully Yours,Nichelle" as well as a Billboard Songwriting Award for song "Next Payday another featured song from that album . Nichelle has sung on numerous projects. One in particular , "A Call to Courage," received national recognition when Darron McKinney (soprano saxophone) and Nichelle Colvin performed the composition at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Candlelight Vigil held in Washington, DC May of 2001. There, the two artists mesmerized 18,000 law enforcement officers and the families and friends of America's fallen law officers. Former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft and Sen. Trent Lott were among the attending dignitaries who were visibly moved by McKinney's incredible musical salute and Nichelle's sultry vocals. (Log-on to to see the performance). Following this event, the tragedy of September 11,2001 hit, the song and its meaning have gained additional praise. Since then Nichelle has performed on Detroit Fox News and sang the song in remembrance of the lost lives.


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