Official Biography (courtesy of Saoul)

Klishee or not Klishee, this musical journey started at a very young age. Born in Romania, Saoul and his Family soon moved to Germany for better living-conditions and Saoul began a heavy Love-affair with his father’s steadily growing Rock - Funk and Soul Vinyl-Collection.

At school he would entertain his schoolmates with Breakdance-shows and imitations of famous Singers. By age 7, his parents divorced but he found himself sneaking in practice-time on his stepfathers Gibson Les Paul Guitar. Moving on quickly to Piano, Bass, Drums and several Percussion-instruments, by the time he was 16, Saoul was recording several Demo-Tapes on a 4-Track Tapemachine, while keeping a dayjob as a Graphic Designer and Signmaker.

One of the tapes caught the ear of Record-producer John Davis, who happened to be one of the real voices of Milli Vanilli, and owner of a Recording Facility.

Mr. Davis took him under his wing for a while and coached Saoul in different aspects of the Recording-Process as well as the Music-Industry in general.

At an Afterparty-Jam with George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars, Saoul had a chance to show his newest Demo to Michael Hampton aka Kidd Funkadelic, one of the legendary Guitarists of the group. Being very impressed with what he had heard, Mr. Hampton suggested a possible move to the U.S. as this might better his chances of getting discovered, especially in the genre of Funk-Music.

As soon as he was of legal age, Saoul moved in with Family-members in Reno, NV and has since created his own small label called “Phreakyamind, Inc.” under which he has recorded and produced several Solo and Group-projects, like the Soul-Rock-formation “Cookoobabee”. His 2009 Solo-EP named “Funk Biscuits” has received a lot of airplay in, ironically, the U.K. and other parts of Europe and landed him a spot on the very successfull british Soulmusic-Compilation-Series called “Soul Unsigned.”.

His newest effort, the full length Debut named “Autopilot” is the showcase of a Singer-Songwriter and Producer, that is never scared to cross musical boundaries and can be as funky as he wants be, while keeping pop-sensibilities.

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