Fred Hammond - Free to Worship (2006)

Fred Hammond
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Fred Hammond, one of gospel music's brightest and most anointed artists returns with a wonderful compilation of inspirational melodies.  For fans of his music, this collection is a welcome addition to minister and heal emotional wounds.  Fred's popularity not only rests with the fantastic music he presents, but his honesty in revealing to the world that he is not the perfect or most knowledgeable Christian man.  He struggles with some of the same bumps and bruises that life dishes out to many of us.  However unshakable is his faith in God, which is evident as expressed in songs like, "Simply Put" and "Keep On Praisin". 

Free To Worship brings the perfect blend of worship and praise songs to listening audiences.   For me, on every album with which Fred blesses the world, there's one song that stands out and brings me to the edge of emotional havoc!  On Free To Worship that song is "Thank You (I Won't Complain)" - a song that speaks like a personal testimony, one that I can wholeheartedly relate to from the core of my spirit.  Through the years of life filled with trials and heartaches, God has been ever-present!

What I've come to love about Fred's music is that he has a way of producing something that has the ability to reach everyone.  Fred's return is overdue, but so very much appreciated!

By Detrel Howell

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