Kenny Thomas - Crazy World

Kenny Thomas
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A very welcome return to the scene from someone who has tasted both success and tragedy in his life. The fact that Kenny is from the UK and has a voice that packs more soul than most suggests that his career would have been even more successful if he hadn't been born the wrong side of the pond and perhaps ten years too early! Today, if he was just starting out he would have probably won either the X Factor or American Idol and been firmly where Lemar in the UK and Ruben Studdard in the US are currently sitting. For that is the market that would appreciate this sophisticated and well crafted album which even missed some major magazine reviews in the UK.

Perhaps, some narrow minded individuals who should go out more often would dwell on the fact that Kenny does not fit the actual stereo type of a soul singer. Then they should just take a listen to the Simon Law produced track 'Him' on this album and feel ashamed. From the first bars there is no doubt that this is a true gem, swirling strings, live instruments and a vocal that oozes real soul. and there's plenty more of the same on this album. The nod to the Dramatics in the slow dancer 'Let it Rain'  and the jazzier 'Foolin' Around' are but just a few.

This accessible album also keeps the dancers happy with the light funk of 'Sunshine Girl' and the  Mezzoforte instrumental hit from the eighties, Garden Party' now vocalised by Kenny and given the title 'I will.'

Overall the album has a timeless quality to it and shows that artistes of stature do not have to compromise their musical standards to appeal to a wide audience. This is without doubt a significant and long overdue return and an essential album to add to your collection.



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