Artist Biography

Fort Worth, Texas singer/songwriter Nuwamba received a heap of praise for his debut album, Above the Water, and it was deserved.  With elements of Marvin Gaye and Maxwell, along with a healthy dose of originality, he moved through a number of musical styles, including nice elements of acoustic soul (the excellent, jazz "Savior"), moody Kem-like ballads ("All Mine") and solid neo-soul ("Forever," "Above the Water").  The arrangements were clever throughout, with use of unusual percussion and horns that made it far more than a run-of-the-mill neo-soul album. It was a fine first shot from a talented newcomer who we'll be hearing about for awhile.

Available Music

World Premiere - Chris Jasper - "For The Love of You"
Album of the Month - Jeffrey Dennis - "Lovin On You"
Featured Album - Leon Ware - "Rainbow Deux"

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