Original Queen Jahnel

Original Queen Jahnel

Official Biography (courtesy of Original Queen Jahnel)

Original Queen Jahnel is a world beat singer/songwriter currently recording with Yisrael Records home of the Neo Jazz School of Music located in New Orleans, LA.  Since 2012, she has been polishing her work to express the best representation of her music.  She has been performing as the Original Queen Jahnel since 2000. Her music writing and publishing career began in 1996 with the song "Perfection of Love" which was written for an R&B group.  However, when she sang her song "Congo Square" in 1997 it was received so well she immediately self recorded and began performing within the local world beat music scene of New Orleans.

Available Music

Album of the Month - Chris Jasper - For The Love of You
Featured Album - Jonas and Scratch Professer - 4ward to the Future
Featured Album - Marlon McClain - Funky Fridays, Vol. 1
Video of The Month - KEA - "Being With You"

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