Ozara Ode

Ozara Ode

Official Biography (courtest of Ozara Ode')

Ozara Ode' has been compared to some of the most profound singers of all time.  Imagine Nina Simone meets Prince, Tina Turner meets Sade, and you will have a better understanding of what Miss Ode' sounds like. "My humble desire is to take you on a journey with words and melodies that will uplift you when you need lifting, help you cuddle when you need cuddling and help your feet move when you need to dance. My sound is a feel good sound that I call Sultry Soul Music. As you listen to my voice, I pray that it touches the core of you- resonating with the positive energy that is a part of the transformation or the affirmations in your life. My mother gave me Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, and Earth, Wind, and Fire. I would like to give you Ozara Ode'. "

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she spent most of her life, but was blessed to spend some of her childhood in New York and Florida because her family was in the Coast Guard. Her background is as expansive as her vocal range.  Usually, the first question asked after someone sees her perform is, "who were your influences?" She would tell you first and foremost her family. "I come from a musical family; and growing up there were three things I could count on; good food, rich-soulful music and lots of laughter in our large family.  Be it Sunday morning before church or during a family gathering, my aunts and uncles harmonies filled the air in the home of Granny Mattie's -my father's mother, no matter the weather.  On my mom's side, Granny Flossie could be heard humming to lift her spirits when the pantry became low and it seemed the pots would be empty. My father (Eddie Joe Brooks) was a crooner, and my mother (Tina Mason) even sang lead in my stepfather's band."
In March of 2007, she released her first album, "I Dream."  "This album is very important to me because I put blood, sweat, and love into each lyric, each melody, and every effort was inspired by life itself.  It was my greatest desire to share the sounds resonating in my mind, so with all the money I had saved up, and with help from my mother and grandmother, I executively produced "I Dream", sold my furniture and packed up all that my car could hold and moved to Atlanta.

Since moving to the "A", I have been blessed to perform on all her top stages; from Center Stage to 14th Street Playhouse, to  appearing on college, public and the major Atlanta radio station, V103, and "Passion & Poetry ", with Joyce Littel; to being on Peachtree TV's JJ on Atlanta.  At present Ozara is in preparation for the anticipated tribute to Nina Simone which will take place at 14th St. Playhouse in June where Ms. Ode' will play the lead role.  "My journey has been a testament to why I believe in dreams - and if you focus on your purpose and not your distractions, they will come true."

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