Patrice Campbell

Patrice Campbell

Official Biography (courtesy of Patrice Campbell)

Originating from a small town just outside of Washington , DC , Patrice was brought up in a loving family that encouraged her to follow her dreams. She grew up loving all styles of music, R&B, Pop, Soul and Jazz.  Music has always been her first passion. Patrice was intrigued by music after hearing the great R&B soul vocals of Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.  She later was introduced to the jazz greats like Nancy Wilson, Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn.

Throughout her years in school Patrice was a member of numerous choirs and participated in many talent shows. She also started singing professionally in night clubs performing with 40 bands at the very early age of 16.  In her senior year, Patrice participated in her high school's annual beauty pageant, which was judged on beauty, poise and talent. She won that event after winning the hearts of the judges and the audience. From that point on Patrice knew she had talent and decided that she would continue to pursue her passion for music.

After graduating high school Patrice became fascinated by the jazz scene in Washington , DC .  She began to frequent the jazz clubs and began performing with some of the groups throughout the city.  She soon starred in her own showcase.

Patrice continued singing jazz for a while until she was discovered by a local modeling agency. Patrice was a vocalist and model for a few years, but eventually modeling took up the majority her time.  After doing dual duty for a few years she began to miss her true love (music) and decided to start her own group, which became one of the top bands in the DC area. She also began writing and recording originals and soon realized that she had another talent in writing music.  This CD " Garden of Love " is evidence of her talent as an artist, song writer and producer.  Her music style combines Soul, R&B and Smooth Jazz and is inspired by all of the artists who have influence Patrice over the years.

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