Paulette Dozier

Paulette Dozier

    Official Biography (courtesy of PS Promotions)

    When on stage, Paulette Dozier's striking elegance catches the attention of her audience, but it's her rich alto voice that seizes them. JAZZ NEWS says the "...sultry and seductive alto voice..." of this captivating entertainer "...flawlessly glides," an undeniable fact strongly heard in her new release, "OVER & OVER AGAIN" where her stylistic riffs are worthy of praise.

    Hailing from the beachside town of Panama City, Florida, this Panhandle native has a Bachelors Degree in English from Florida International University and a Masters Degree in Interdisciplinary Arts from Nova Southeastern University. In addition to these accomplishments, her remarkable voice and commanding showmanship have brought her international acclaim as a captivating entertainer.

    Paulette became interested in the arts at an early age. Her first introduction to performing was as a pre-teen singing (soprano) in the church choir. As her interests in the stage grew and voice matured into a husky alto, this budding entertainer found herself drawn to the timeless voices of Ella, Peggy, and Billie; and the flamboyant style of Josephine Baker.

    The opportunity to cultivate her talents came when Paulette's family moved to New York. Because of her elegant poise and stellar good looks, the young Dozier was soon walking the catwalk as a full time fashion model on 7th Avenue. But with an incessant desire to be a stage artist, this stylish lady eventually ventured away from the runway and went further uptown to train as a jazz dancer with Broadway choreographer Frank Hatchett. This preparation ultimately led to her travels abroad and the start of a successful singing career.

    Paulette is featured on several international releases including the Venezuelan productions: I BELONG/Polydor, AGUILAR/Love Records, and SIEMPRE JUNTOS/Rodven Records. Now, as the executive producer of her own national productions, added to this discography are WITH YOU (2005) and OVER & OVER AGAIN, both released under PF&E.

    Over the course of her career Paulette broadened her talents to encompass various areas of the arts. So when not on stage belting out jazz riffs, this multifaceted lady also works as an actress, commercial model, voiceover performer, and coach for aspiring performers and models.

    As a jazz stylist, this elegant lady enjoys expressing her music. And on "OVER & OVER AGAIN" Paulette Dozier does what she does best - she delivers a great performance. It stands to reason why Narvy James of JAZZ USA says to, "Keep an eye out for this chanteuse," you will enjoy her passion and robust, velvety style.

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