SoulTracks Poll: How do you discover new music?

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    (January 19, 2014) This past week the Wall Street Journal published an article titled: “Radio’s Answer to Spotify: Less Variety.”  The article confirmed what many of us have speculated for the past few years: broadcast radio is shrinking its playlist, making it tougher to discover new music on broadcast radio. Or as WSJ writer Hannah Carp wrote, “Faced with growing competition from digital alternatives, traditional broadcasters have managed to expand their listenership with an unlikely tactic: offering less variety than ever.”

    Most of us grew up discovering music by hearing it on the radio, but if broadcast radio is caught up in the vicious cycle of only playing hits to death, then how are artists supposed to reach audiences with new music? Or are adult soul lovers stuck listening exclusively to classic Anita Baker and Earth Wind & Fire songs forever?

    So, we wanted to ask SoulTrackers, how do you find new music?  We’d love to hear what you and your friends think. Just fill out the poll below and share your comments at the bottom of the page. Your comments will be interesting to us and to the artists who read SoulTracks.







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