Official Biography (courtesy of Qool)

Singers, Songwriters, Performers, and up n’ cumin’ producers; Rob, Oz and Ollie' comprise NYC’s hottest new trio. "Qool" 

All natives New Yorkers, Oz, Ollie, and Rob, have blended to form the ultimate collaboration. Qool say they are harmonically inspired by artist like, “The Whispers”, “After 7” and “The Jackson 5”, They say these great artist are a rich part of their basis. Artist like Jay-Z,
R-Kelly and even Diddy equally color their vocal tapestry. Making truth to the saying, "Everyone has something to offer."

"Nowadays, there just isn't enough originality out there, and too often artist are merely carbon copies of one other, at best. Today's R&B has been missing that really sick male trio. "We've got what they've been jonesin' for, for a longtime. We've got it in thick stacks."
These three talented guys, all friends, but also including two brothers, have united to form the group "Qool", a unique, sexy, refreshing, modern crew with appeal to both sophisticated and party audiences. Encompassing a vibrant new approach to "real" music, Qool has it all! The ability to return music to it's roots and bring back the classic R&B sound. With a commercial understanding of the here and now. They are truly "the deal". In a word, they're simply......."Qool".


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