Rachael Bell

Rachael Bell

    In a time when modern urban radio seems to gravitate to that which is louder and more mechanical, it is almost unnerving to hear the simple, elegant sound of a woman with her guitar.  And that is the sound that is the sweet spot of UK-based singer/songwriter Rachael Bell.  Signed earlier this decade to Sony/Epic Records in London, Bell soon found herself an independent artist, working local clubs at night and gaining an audience in the process.

    Bell quietly released the acoustic album Raw Sunday under the name Rachael Rachael and followed it in 2007 with Colour Me Blue as Reuben's Thread, working with Brighton-based guitarist Ross King.  The latter album received enthusiastic reviews and was named to the SoulTracks "Best of 2008" list.  It featured the excellent single "It's About Time," which introduced Bell to US audiences.  Bell followed the release with a US visit that found her playing in New York and appearing on several television and radio shows.

    It late 2008, Bell reissued Raw Sunday under her own name, finally giving her growing US audience the opportunity to hear the acoustic set along with a bonus track.  More intimate than Colour Me Blue,  Raw Sunday sounded absolutely unique amidst the popular sounds on the radio and gave adult soul and pop fans a beautiful contrast and great nighttime listening.

    By Chris Rizik

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