Rahni Song

Rahni Song

Official Biography (courtesy of Rahni Song)

Rahni Song; acclaimed musician, producer, composer, arranger, songwriter, engineer.

Truly a man of many talents, Rahni grew up with wires, microphones, tape recorders and an electric piano in his house. This is what he remembers around him as a child. The influence of his parents love for music would have a profound influence on him for the rest of his life. Not only did he have a discerning ear at an early age for the best musicians – Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones, Thom Bell – but he had a discerning ear for the best vocalists as well – Aretha Franklin, Donnie Hathaway, Stevie Wonder.

At the young age of 19, Rahni would form and co-found Emprise Records. His vision to mix Gospel with R&B and Pop, back in the 70’s and 80’s, would pave the way for many of the contemporary gospel artists of today. He went on to meet and work extensively with Boosty Collins. Rahni became a regular fixture in the Bootsy Collins and George Clinton recording sessions playing keys and assisting on hits like "Shine-O-Mite" (Bootsy) and "Atomic Dog"(George Clinton).

Not long after Rahni’s chance meeting with Bootsy at a record store, he was introduced to the legendary Ben E. King (Stand By Me) to do string arrangements on a record Mr. King was producing for his son Benny Jr.. From that time, Rahni went on to produce and write for some of the industry’s top gold and platinum recording artists including, Najee, Melba Moore, Alex Bugnon and Freddie Jackson.

Throughout his many years as a producer, musician and recording engineer (he has worked on more than 50 albums over the course of his career), Rahni kept his finger on the pulse of the ever changing music industry and its numerous trends without missing a beat. Unlike the predictability of many producers of today, Rahni is a true music chameleon with a very discriminating ear, "I believe my diversity and critical toughness came from my Dad's choice of music when I was growing up. He had such a broad appreciation for great music. In our house there were no labels attached to music. The music was either good or bad. If it was bad, it never made it to the turntable.”

Considering the roster of artists Rahni has produced, along with music placed in major television shows and feature films, he is just now getting started.  He is currently working on his brand new release, “Breakin’ the Rules”.

Smooth Jazz, Funk, R&B, Inspirational - “Breakin’ the Rules” is a multi-format journey through music featuring such talented vocalists as Chantel Hampton, Naomi Emanuel and Corey Jarrell. Rahni pays tribute to the great Barry White on “Barry’s Medley” and Bootsy Collins and George Clinton on “It’s Funkalicious Baby”. He does a special remake of the Heatwave hit, “Star of the Story” and features the incredibly talented saxophonist, Marion Meadows, on “Timeless”. This is a release that finds inspiration from all formats but entertains, exhilarates and stirs the soul all on one album.

Beau Huggins, of Hush Music, explains that “Breakin’ the Rules” is about “breaking free and taking the shackles off creativity.” Whether it is mixing R&B and Gospel, to making Jazz smooth, Rahni Song continues to break all the rules when it comes to making timeless music that knows no barriers.

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