Remy Shand

Remy Shand

    Winnipeg, Manitoba born singer Remy Shand jumped into the spotlight in 2002 with his soulful falsetto and the irresistible Motown-released song, "Take a Message."  Unfortunately, the talented young singer disappeared almost as quickly as he arrived.

    Weaned on the sounds of Marvin Gaye and Al Green in his Canadian home, Shand developed a love for classic soul.  That love influenced his music, which bore the soulful sweetness of a modern day Smokey Robinson.

    Shand signed with Motown and at age 19 began working on his debut album, The Way I Feel. The disc was an international smash, winning a Juno Award and going gold, fueled fueled by "Take A Message," one of 2002's best singles.

    With the wind at his back, Shand was the recipient of high expectations, with his new legion of fans eagerly anticipating his sophomore album.  Originally slated to be called A Day In the Shade, the disc never released.  Shand essentially dropped from sight, an absence from the music world that continues to this day.

    By Chris Rizik

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