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After patiently awaiting her time, singer ReNeda is excited about stepping out with her much anticipated debut CD entitled "Never Give Up." Released for national airplay on Airsongs Detroit record label, the CD is an epic collection of nine incredible songs that ReNeda vocally delivers in her own unique way.

The CD's title cut, "Never Give Up" renders an electrifying, "got to dance" groove that is only topped by ReNeda's sultry, rhythmic and soulful voice. The pulsating song could easily serve as the singer's anthem to the world that she never gave up on her dreams to sing, while offering a message of hope for listeners to realize their own dreams. "It is my desire that ‘Never Give Up' will inspire people to believe in themselves and to never be defeated," says ReNeda. "The song means that the answer is within, and even if people get knocked down, they can get right back up and keep striving for their hopes, dreams, and goals."

It's a good thing that ReNeda never gave up because her maiden CD offers an eclectic compilation of songs that touches on such genres as soul, smooth jazz, Detroit R&B, inspiration, soft rock, and adult contemporary with an undercurrent favor of Latin smoothness. Blessed with a natural alto voice, transcending a three-octave range, ReNeda's vocalizations are tastefully colored with deep, throaty, whispery and soulfully raspy inflections that are punctuated with vibrancy and power. She delivers this "vibrant power" on such dance-trance tunes as "Vicious Rumors," "Be Free," "Rest of My Life," and is exceptional on the incredible ballad "I Just Want to be With You," which, perhaps, is ReNeda at her best.

Growing up in Detroit , ReNeda admired the many female singers that called this "music rich" city their home, which included Anita Baker and Aretha Franklin. She was also influenced by such female vocalists as Mary J. Blige, Toni Braxton, Cassandra Wilson, and especially, Sade. In addition, the church played a strong role in fostering ReNeda's vocal spirituality which prepared her to perform with gospel recording artist Darlene Bell. While ReNeda has admired many vocalists, she prides herself in crafting her own distinct vocal styling, which is refreshing that a newcomer has a signature sound.

Over the years, many people had urged ReNeda to launch a singing career, but she always resisted, knowing that her time would come. After all, for eight years she taught middle and high school students in Detroit , and loved helping young minds to "never give up" on their educational goals. ReNeda also admitted that she needed time to mature as a person and as a singer, all while deepening her relationship and trusting in God to let her know when to unveil her vocal talents to world.

Veteran musician Aaron Branford of Airsongs Music Productions saw that ReNeda's time was approaching. Having played and toured with such recording artists as Michael Henderson, Cherrelle, and the late, great Eli Fountaine (saxophonist for Marvin Gaye), Branford realized that ReNeda had something special...something different. Thus, Branford produced ReNeda's debut CD, and played several instruments on the project. Additionally, he, along with ReNeda and Airsongs Staff Songwriter G'Angelo Gold, co-wrote all the songs. After more than a year in the studio with some of Detroit 's most talented musicians, Branford is proud to introduce ReNeda to the world, knowing that her now!

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