Gary Mayes & Nu Era - Diary of a Strong Souljah (2007)

Gary Mayes & Nu Era
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Over the past few years, Gospel music has appeared to break free of barriers with regard to style and presentation.  But what is consistent is the significance of spirituality and hope that is delivered to a world filled with disillusioned souls.  Today's gospel artists do not fit a particular vocal mold: some vocals are raw and gritty, others polished and perky with music that borders on soulful R&B, hip hop or jazz. 

Forgive the use of the word "hot" to describe the Houston-based ensemble known as G. Mayes & Nu Era.  If that term is considered blasphemous in nature to use in this context, I beg for forgiveness in advance.  However, "hot" is the term that comes to mind when the music of G. Mayes & Nu Era extends/reaches through the speakers.  Their third project, Diary of a Strong Souljah, is a masterpiece of eighteen blessed gems, with G. Mayes & Nu Era delivering a personal message of inspiration and encouragement.  Diary is extremely effective in its combination of live horns, Mayes' signature powerful drum interludes and the impressive vocals of this fine young group -- avoiding the insignificant music that churns out of mainstream radio stations across the globe. Appearances from notables such as gospel rap artist, BB Jay, renowned organist/keyboard player Bobby Sparks and the dynamic Nikki Ross say a lot for the type of respect G. Mayes & Nu Era have garnered in a short span of time.  G. Mayes plays the drums with the same type of precision and force as one of his apparent mentors in the field of percussion on "A Word From The Father:"  Fellow Texas native and drummer for r&b's Mint Condition, Chris Dave should beam with pride when listening to Mayes provide a stunning replication of the opening of "Pretty Brown Eyes."

Diary Of A Strong Souljah showcases the musical growth of G. Mayes as a producer and Nu Era as an act that continues to build on the solid reputation. Highly recommended

By Detrel Howell


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