Official Biography (courtesy of Rodney)


When you think about music, the sound and how it makes you feel, you also think about the time and place,and how that song was created or what made that artist write or sing it. Well, Rodney is that artist. His powerful urban retro soul sound brings a unique style and blend, when performance's brings back the soulful sound of the old rhythm and blues. Born and raised in Petersburg, Va with such major recording artist such as Trey Songz and Tyra B. music was the only form of pleasure. Rodney's affinity for music dates back to his early experience singing in the choir of his down home Baptist roots. His grandfather introduced him to the piano and uncle taught him the guitar while playing in local gospel groups.


Rodney's vocals delivery comes across with a smooth edge, mellow on the mind, yet powers enough to stir new emotions with each note.Rodney's now one half member of the hip hop soul music group called '' Soul Logistics Radio '' along with Doug Evans they represent a do-it-yourself attitude that can bring people together. They also have a local T.V show on the Comcast Network called '' The Soul Logistics Radio Show '' which gives '' Inspiration plus Information '' it's conscious hip hop & soul music with a sense of humor. With 3 albums already under their belts, Rodney is now planning for a new millennium, that includes the release


of his first solo project '' The Soul Survivor '' to drop early July 2011. His versatility allows him freedom to perform in various styles that extend to a more diverse group and audiences of all spectators that love this thing we call music.


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