Ron Parks

Ron Parks

Official Biography (courtesy of Ron Parks) 

Ron's first CD, title ‘Warm, Smooth and Phonky', pretty much sums up Ron's songs and performance style. Driven to write music late in life (he started in 2003) has afforded Ron a laid back style and a sensitive approach to lyrics.

Ron grew up in projects of Cincinnati Ohio.  Where his musical influences were Curtis Mayfield, Jerry Butler and a myriad of Doo Wop groups. Groups of the time like Harvey and The Moonglows, The Spaniels and The Flamingos.  Though an avid listener, Ron never got the performing or writing bug in his youth. 

Imagine Barry White's voice singing Marvin Gaye tunes, or Isaac Hayes singing a Curtis Mayfield love song. That smooth sexy groove with an old school vibe; "New Oldies".

If you can hear those combinations in your mind's ear, then you know what Ron's vibe is like.  A hefty dose of smooth baritone, with the sensitivity of some of our favorite R&B love song writers. 

After years of working in the software world as an engineer and manager, the creative juices started flowing. Looking for a hobby, because software engineering was consuming his life, Ron turned to music.  Driven by the need to hear more of the kind of music he grew up with, Ron started writing songs; he didn't even know he could write lyrics.  Ron calls it "Writing your own favorite songs."

Ron's goal is to create a vibe.  Many ladies say, "A sexy vibe".  He wants you to listen to his lyrics and let the vibe take you away.  Many fans compare Ron to Barry White, but Ron identifies more with Sade, because she has a "vibe".  Sound that can be the prelude and background to an intimate evening.

At this writing, Ron has writtern, produced and released 3 CD's, ‘Warm, Smooth, and Phonky', ‘Let's Make a Secret', and ‘Platonic Sex'.

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