RoseMary Fiki

RoseMary Fiki

Official Biography (courtesy of RoseMary Fiki)

RoseMary Fiki was the cattle-call girl—the girl who brought her glossy 8x10 headshot and five-song demo everywhere she went, the girl who begged big music executives to put her on. If any reality TV show sent a call out for singers in the tri-state area, RoseMary Fiki was surely in line for auditions. She didn’t mind missing work, waiting in the bitter cold, or queuing hours for her moment. She slept on line and did vocal warm-ups curbside. She was another hopeful face in a sea of thousands. She was the girl who beamed when asked about her dreams for her music. She wanted so desperately for her voice to be handpicked from the multitudes. Instead, the cattle-call lifestyle trampled her artistry. RoseMary burned hard. She burned fast. She burned out. For a while, there was darkness. Then, RoseMary found a spark in a group of like-minded collaborators who helped to unearth her signature sound. Today, Fiki intermingles strong, soaring vocals with a vulnerable falsetto range. This refreshing newcomer manages to skillfully weave her raw, soulful voice into an electro-pop tapestry, all the while dappling the mix with bits of afrobeat, rock, and Motown. Her cattle-call days long behind her, Fiki arrives to center stage right on time, and her captivating, original songs will draw you right in.

Available Music

Choice Cut - Maysa - "Lovin' You Is Easy"
Song of the Month - Aya Ito - "Don't Take My Life"

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