Sarah MK

Sarah MK

Official Biography (courtesy of Sarah MK)

Canadian artist Sarah MK is well-intent on redefining the preconceived notion of what a modern-day songstress  should sound like. From the harmonious nature of her vocal arrangements over multi-talented musician/producer Jordan Peters' hypnotic sounds, to her melodic compositions reflecting the thoughts and ideas of a woman with a strong sense of purpose, Sarah MK strikes the balance between message and music with graceful mastery. Seamlessly alternating from slow-burning R&B to  full-blown MC, she has a measure of versatility and scope matched only by her lofty ambition. Sarah MK aspires to elaborate her progressive agenda of forward-thinking, honest music, rather than the nostalgic pining of most old-school revivalists. The first iteration of this philosophy is her debut EP, titled "Worth It", in which she champions self-improvement via the evaluation of her life's experience, wondering out loud: « Is it Worth It? ».

- Renowned singer at Montreal's legendary Jello Martini Lounge
- Performed with Montreal all-stars Alan Prater, Slim Williams and Antoine Gratton and with internationally known artists Snarky Puppy and Daniel Merriweather
- Has performed for the 50th anniversary of Astral Media 2011, Pop Montreal 2009/2010, Urban Universal Records  Showcase 2008/2010, and Montreal's International Jazz Festival 2007
- Performed for jazz pianist Oliver Jones and ex-Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney
- Opened for renowned American Emcee Roxanne Shante 2009
- Member of famed groups Kalmunity Vibe Collective and Off Da Record
- Music teacher for kids and adults in schools and community centers
- Recipient of a DEC in music studies at Vanier College 2007 and currently studying Jazz music at the University of Montreal


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