Sean Franks

Sean Franks

    Official Bio (courtesy of Sean Franks)

    Born in Montreal, Canada, Sean Franks, son of singer/songwriter Michael Franks, hit the music scene early. He was just a kid when he first went into the studio and on tour with his dad. Music was his first love and musicians his first heroes. Surrounded by Jazz legends like Al Jarreau, David Sanborn, George Benson and Bobby McFerrin, Sean was inspired to find his own passion to create music.

    Sean began his formal training in percussion at the age of 7. By high school, he was an accomplished drummer and went on to master piano and voice. He studied at the USC Jazz program, ISOMATA, Berklee School of Music and The Dick Grove School of Music.  Along with his schooling, Sean established his reputation in the L.A. music scene performing live and creating his own projects. Becoming known as a singer/songwriter in his own right, he formed his own band. They have performed extensively to repeat audiences at some of Southern California's best music venues: The Roxy, Café Largo, The Mint, Farfalla, Monsoon, Spaghettini's, Humphrey's By the Bay and the Dan Diego Jazz Festival.

    Sean produces his own recordings and has performed and written songs for both local and international artists including his appearance on the "Blue Pacific" album recorded by Michael Franks. Though Sean's music reflects the influences of Jazz, R & B and Pop, the power and vulnerability of his music are undeniably fresh and original. His sultry vocals are often compared to the artistry of Sting and Stevie Wonder, but his voice and sound are uniquely his own. He keeps his audiences captivated with a hard driving groove and soulful performance.

    With his new CD, entitled "Guy Like Me", Sean has hit a whole new stride. He's produced a smart, sophisticated record that reflects his growth and maturity as a singer/songwriter. Musically and lyrically each track tells a story in a way that is honest and real while maintaining Sean's signature style and energy.  What is most exciting about this truly authentic young artist is his devotion and commitment to bringing back "The Band" -- real music with live musicians.

    Available Music

    Choice Cut - Sargent Tucker - "Good Music"
    Album of the Month - Joan Belgrave - "Oooo Boy"