LaShonta’ Renée

LaShonta’ Renée

Official Biography (courtesy of Shonta’ Renée)

LaShonta’ Renée Freeman (born January 2, 1992), known professionally as Shonta’ Renée, is an American R&B and soul singer-songwriter.Born and raised in Savannah Georgia, she discovered her passion for music at the ripe old age of five where she would assimilate artist such as Ella Fitzgerald, and Anita Baker by singing along while their songs would be played on the radio or on records at home. She began to find her true voice by singing in the church choir and knew that she had a true gift when she discovered that not only could she sing, but she could also write. She could write full length song by the age of ten and evolved as the years went by.

A self-proclaimed,”band geek,” Shonta’ joined her High School band  and fell in love with the saxophone. She became the section leader of her high school Band’s saxophone section her sophomore year and continued her tenure until she graduated June of 2010, 2nd in her class. AFter high school, Shonta’ received a full ride Academic Scholarship to Savannah State University, where she studied Biology for four years and Graduated Cum Lade in December of 2014. While in college, Shonta’ Renée decided that not only would she attend school full time, but she wanted to devote time to embarking on her music career, her first love. Although, Shonta’ enjoyed helping others,she knew in her heart of hearts that Biology wasn’t where her passion lied and knew it by the spring semester of her sophomore year.

Balancing school full time, she managed to independently release a single in August of 2014 Titled, “Mocha Man,”which was released on iTunes and  Google Play, Spotify and other major distribution platforms. Mocha Man received great feedback with its accompanying Music Video that peaked at over 10,000 Youtube Views in a little under a month. She later released two more singles entitled, “Slow Down,” and “Regretful,” in October of 2014. On Christmas of 2014 the track ,”Regretful” received placement in youtube’s sensational independent film network(100,000+ subscribers) Black and Sexy Tv’s debut movie ,“That Guy.” along with movie placement,the single,”Regretful,” was reviewed by and received a 8.1 out of 10 (jubilant) in their November digital issue.

Currently, Shonta’ Renée is promoting her debut EP, “Situationship,” which was released April 30, 2015.

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