Smooth Perry

Artist Biography

Born and raised in the urban streets of northern New Jersey, Bryan Perry has always had a passion for music and a calling from God on his life. With a family full of musicians, it seems that there was no other option. Besides passion, Bryan is gifted with a unique and superb musical inclination. Bryan "Smooth" Perry is a soulful artist with time-stopping vocals in his arsenal. Whether singing a smooth love song or a gospel spiritual, each lyric resonates with a sense of urgent captivation. When needed, Bryan also makes a "Smooth" transition to his hip-hop and rapping talents, delivering clever and thought provoking punch-lines. While his chronological age of 23 draws a young/urban crowd, the discovery of his married life captures the intrigue of all. If there had to be ONE word to describe Bryan Perry, it would always be "Smooth".

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