Song of the Month: Tamika Nicole wants you "Next to Me"

We first introduced SoulTrackers to talented singer and songwriter Tamika Nicole when she released her 2009 album, The Art of Letting Go. We labeled it as "Highly Recommended," and anxiously awaited more from this bluesy, soulful vocalist, who could handle deep soul, rock or hard blues with equal aplomb.  After too long of an absence for our taste, Tamika is back with a brand new song, "Next to Me," that shows both her versatility and that voice.

"Next to Me" is a hard hitting tale of a woman willingly participating in a dysfunctional relationship. It is not about denial of dysfunction, but acknowledgement - 'there's no good reason inside of you, but I like what you do' the lyrics read.  The woman in this song is fully aware of her addiction and willingly participates as the chorus cries out 'I don't care what you do/ I'm Addicted/ I need you next to me'.  This song is addiction at its finest and Tamika delivers it with conviction.

Says Tamika about "Next to Me": "This song is partly about my own journey dating, but I get a lot of material from Facebook.  My followers love to chime in on my dating disasters, inevitably to share their own. What I've discovered is that my music and my lifestyle go hand in hand for many of my followers on social media.  They are just as interested in what I am doing as the music I put out...and they support them all equally."

We're proud to be presenting "Next To Me" as the June SoulTracks Song of the Month. Check it out below and enjoy Tamika Nicole all over again!

Song of the Month!
 Tamika Nicole - "Next to Me"


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