Sonja Marie

Sonja Marie

Official Biography (courtesy of Sonja Marie)

Holding true to memories that make a musical experience legendary, Sonja Marie represents an aria to the future, rooted in urban transition. She provides a ritual courtship of rhythm, poetry and song that overrides every limiting symphonic law.
Her journey began amidst the hidden stories of Yonkers, New York. After graduating from Hampton University with a B.A. degree in Theatre Arts, her many talents united forces that began composing her life. Seeking allied visions to shine, she comfortably fell align with creative writing. Sonja Marie's numerous poetry readings led her to a performance on the multi-platinum and Grammy nominated soundtrack "Waiting To Exhale". She was included as one of the three writers featured on the album with her song, "And I Gave My Love To You". Since then, she has shared her gifts with Whitney Houston, Teena Marie, and Cody Chesnutt, just to name a few. Sonja Marie's debut album, "Black Album Vol. 1" is available on iTunes.  She is set to release her newest installment entitled, "Nativity Screams", due out in early 2010.
At an early age, Sonja Marie's talent was nursed by the feminine powers of Nina Simone and Janis Joplin; indoctrinated with the truthful poetics of Stevie Wonder and Prince; and swayed by the melodic persuasions of Jon Lucien and Marvin Gaye.
   Sonja Marie continues to extend her love for expression by lending her talents to other art mediums. She has combined her poetic nature with the fluidity of dance alongside noted dance troupes as such The Marshall Dance Company and Winifred R.
Harris' Between Lines. These works have been exhibited in universities and venues throughout Los Angeles, CA and Denver, CO. Sonja's published works can be found in the following anthologies: Catch the Fire, Supergirls Handbook and Voices
from Leimert Park: Volume II.  She has also contributed to many voiceover projects with companies such as Comcast, Toyota and Sony, PlayStation.
Sonja Marie remains close to the groove however, with music that spins tasty jazz, hip-hop, funk, melodics and poetry, into more than a refried gumbo treat.  Her universal sound is electrifying and almost confining to the mastery of recording; you must feel it, than it is heard. Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam, Holland can give testimony, for they have been anointed by the live sensation of Sonja Marie's funk-sexy.  Her performances mesmerizes you with the conviction of truth; fortifies you with promise to bounce; and awakens you with permission to heal.
Just listen, as Sonja Marie's infectious sound disturbs the stagnation of the music scene today. You can't quite put your finger on it, but your heart will never let her go.

Available Music

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Song of the Month - Aya Ito - "Don't Take My Life"

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