Official Biography (courtesy of Soulkiss)

Tim Dillinger:

A singer/songwriter, poet, author, and speaker whose work has been receiving recognition on an international scale since 2004 when he released his debut album, "Love Is On My Mind".

With his 2006 album, "The Muse", Tim proved he was more than just a singer with a four-octave range. Lamenting the state of R&B music, he wrote about the trappings of the music industry, racism and his own journey into authenticity with a candor and vulnerability rarely shown in contemporary music. "The Muse" received critical acclaim as well as a half dozen awards and nominations from within the Independent Soul community and heightened Tim's reputation as an outspoken and prolific poet.

Harmony has always been Tim's first love. He learned to sing harmony listening to his musical hero, Reba Rambo-McGuire sing with her family. Other harmony groups would influence him: Lady Flash, The Caravans, The Davis Sisters, The Two Tons of Fun. The staple of his early shows was the unique chemistry Tim had established with his background singers. Upon moving to New York, Tim began singing with his brothers, Kare Alford & David Sosa and together, these three make up Soulkiss.

Kare Alford:

A singer, songwriter and actor, Kare Alford makes up 1/3 of Soulkiss. His penchant for acting influences his singing via his impeccable phrasing and delivery. He began professionally recording house music with producer Issac Santiago on the now defunct Nu-Groove Records. His first single release, which he also wrote, was "068". He then began recording on Gravity Holdz Records, working with producer John Moore. He further expanded by singing back up for various artists and groups (gospel group "Sons & Daughters" and Jazz & R&B group "Amafugo's Mood Swing"). In the interim, he decided to audition for director Reginald McNeely who was directing and producing "For Colored Boys", in which he was cast. as The Man In Purple. Bitten by the acting bug, he pursued other opportunities and was cast in various other plays ("Burnt Orange" by Alan Arnold, "The Day Eazy-E Died" by James E. Hardy & "Before It Hits Home" by Cheryl West to name a few). Soulkiss blends his love of harmony with lyrical introspection, giving him the space to sink his teeth into songs that allow him to do what he does best: melt the hearts of the audience with his sultry baritone, while dramatizing the story at full tilt.

David Sosa:

David Sosa is a singer/song writer who dares to try a little bit of everything musically. His versatility and powerhouse vocal range leaves audiences dazzled everytime he hits a stage. He was first vocally trained to sing Broadway Showtunes and received theatre/stage training by the late, great Lillian Coran. He then took up Opera and Classical Jazz. Just out of high school he joined a trio of R&B singers from Long Island named Tres (3 in Spanish). They performed in the Tristate area for 4 yrs until they broke up in late 2001. David is currently completing his first solo album. David enjoys all music but his heart is in the Soul/R&B music of the late 60's -80's! This is where he draws his influences from. Compared to Al Green and Phil Perry, David is a vocal tornado, thus completing the musical circle of Soulkiss.

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