Stacy Epps

Stacy Epps

    Official Biography 

    A true rare groove vocalist and emcee delivers heavy messages that flow like a summer breeze over hard- hitting beats. Stacy Epps breathes solar winds through Atlanta's progressive soul scene. Raised in a military family, Stacy started her career equipped with an inviting global perspective, vintage earrings from her grandmother's collection, and a law degree from the University of Southern California.

    In ten years she's established a globally reaching reputation for sonic excellence in the underground hip hop community. Epps is on a mission to see how far the music can spread through truly independent efforts. The people are the catalyst, direct contact and physical distribution; she is embarking on an experimental release of her debut solo album "The Awakening" this summer, through her label Japanubia Musik, LLC.

    You may have heard her as half of the jazzy rap duo Sol Uprising. She also has worked with some of the underground's illest scientists: Madlib, MF DOOM, OH NO, Wildchild, J Rawls, Scienz of Life. Her sensually sophisticated singing is only topped when she grabs the mic to rhyme with the precision of Bahamadia, of whom she, Hip-Hop icon, Roxanne Shante and femcee Invincible toured Europe with in on the Sistaz in Rhyme Tour in December 2006 and Summer/Fall 2008.

    Her Voice

    "Though rain has cleansing properties, I really love the sunshine," says Epps.  Intermingled with the ruggedly spotless beats of Apex, Diamond D, Jay Dilla, Kareeim Riggens, and Everett James she smoothly blends with the urban alternative style of Amel Larrieux. Stacy's approach is a heavily enchanting sound that delivers brilliantly clairvoyant vibrato to her listeners. Engineers elegantly intertwine her floating voice with gritty boom-bap gems. This gives her work a dreamlike quality that never seems to overpower the beat, as Stacy Epps grooves mystically through it.

    Her Lyrics       

    Stacy Epps possesses an astute talent for insightful rhyming, what she calls the, "ultimate divine form of communication."  By lyrically wielding a heavy Uzi for injustice and mental captivity, Stacy remains connected to the pioneering messages of Fela Kuti, Miriam Makeba, Bob Marley, Queen Latifah, Public Enemy, and KRS-One. She refuses to compromise her ideals to progress professionally. Stacy Epps represents her sistas well by reminding them of their natural glow, encouraging them to love one another, and to support their brothas in the struggle for wealth of character.

    Her Sound

    The spiritual essences of Alice Coltrane, mixed with the abstraction of Bjork, the spaciness of Radiohead and the drums of J-Dilla, her musical menagerie is packed with influences as diverse as her heritage.

    Stacy moved to Atlanta after graduating from the University of Virginia with BA's in African American Studies and Sociology in 2001. About the same time she rocked studio sessions with producer Tariq L and rap group Scienz of Life's sophomore release, Project Overground. Here she found a complimentary vision with Scienz member Lil Sci ultimately forming the group Sol Uprising. West coast hip hop fans openly welcomed the consciously chill group. Particularly, Epps' avant-soul style impressed King Geedorah, who featured her on Take Me to Your Leader (Big Dada, 2003) and the song "Eye" on MF DOOM and Madlib's Madvillainy (Stones Throw, 2004) albums, respectively. She is continually requested to guest- feature on various projects including albums by Jneiro Jarel & Shape of Broad Minds, Jazz Liberators, Wildchild, and Cris Prolific.

    Her Vision

    But she won't stop with just guest appearances, her expression of love and light through the music shine on through her album The Awakening. A seamless blend of forward-thinking hip hop and soul, she hopes the world can feel the divine energy. She will mark another career milestone with the release of The Awakening this summer, featuring the single "Floatin" produced by Apex. With the mind to interpret, the heart to heal, and a culture to express, Stacy Epps is among the day's brightest young innovators.

    Naturally, she wants to continue sharing her gift of avant-garde music to fans across the globe. Her plans include travels to Europe for album promotion and community work.  Ultimately, Stacy Epps wants to make her impression on the world by creating networks and professional opportunities for youth using music and other arts.  She envisions opening a holistic healing center, establishing mechanisms for independent artists to build sustainable business, and fostering unity within the independent music community, world wide.

    "Its all about legacy, leaving something behind for the future generations. I want to help the leaders of tomorrow as the ancestors have helped me move forward on my path. My goal is to promote healing and change through music, and I will always stay true to God's Gift, for it is a blessing. Please enjoy, it is a humble offering from the heart."

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