Steff Reed

Steff Reed

Official Biography (courtesy of Steff Reed)

Steff Reed has written and produced for the likes of R&B Superstar Trey Songz, Lil Mo, Sisqo and various other acts signed to labels such as Roc Nation, Atlantic, Ba Boy, Def Jam and Universal Music Group. He was mentored over the years by the likes of platinum writer-producers Troy Taylor, Swizz Beatz, Chucky Thompson and Gordon Chambers and has collaborated with such hit songwriters such as Makeba Riddick (Rihanna, Beyonce), Ezekiel “Zeke” Lewis (Usher, Justin Bieber) and Claude Kelly (Michael Jackson, Brittney Spears). After a decade behind the boards, the Harlem Native is on the rhythmic road to reinvention.

Celebrated with a recent feature in Essence Magazine (June 2012) that compared him to the likes of esteemed singer/producer/songwriters Ryan Leslie and Pharrell Williams. Steff Reed draws upon his impressive industry experience while valiantly baring his soul on his soon-to-be released solo debut, #TheIntervention “The Intervention”. Inspired by artists like The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Drake and the Cocaine 80s project, the profoundly personal album dauntlessly explores the often-overlooked spaces between the varied, yet myopic extremes of popular music. Concurrently, Steff began a Youtube vlog series entitled A Day in The Life of a Music Producer and a series of unofficial remixes to keep his sonic skills sharp. When his rendition of Diddy – Dirty Money’s 2010 hit “Loving You No More” amassed over 100k views on Youtube, he knew it was time to expand his career path. Recorded as a duet between himself and vocalist KirssiLuv, radio stations such as power 105 (New York), WPGC 95.5 (Washington, DC) and Hot 97 (New York) picked up on the strong buzz and put the song into motion. named him artist of the month in 2012 while he garnered the title of number #1 global artist on

The next leg of Steff’s wondrous journey was clear and evident and he decided to focus his energy on developing his artistry. Setting his sight on new horizons for 2013, Steff has indeed shifted his focus. “My concentration is on being a better songwriter and developing my vocals” he affirms. “I’ve contributed to so many amazing people’s careers which has been great. I’m now putting that energy into empowering myself and create a new platform and it’s been amazing.”

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