Stephanie White/New Jersey Philth Harmonic

Stephanie White/New Jersey Philth Harmonic

Official Biography (courtesy of Stephanie White) 

Stephanie White and the New Jersey Philth Harmonic is an eight-piece Soul/Rock group from Essex County , NJ . Their debut album Knee Deep InSanity was independently released in October of 2007 and has sold over 1500 copies to date.  Their sound has been described as a sort of "Joss Stone meets Dave Matthews Band", mixing elements of funk, jazz, and pop with a soulful vocal.  The band just released their sophomore album, This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things, on October 9, 2009 and is preparing to tour.  Stephanie is an award-winning singer, most notably competing as one of the top 21 females in American Idol's Season 5. 

The full band includes:

Stephanie White- Vocals
Robbie LaFalce-Drums
Chris Staranka - Bass
Aleks Ozolins -  Keyboards/French Horn
Tommy Spears - Guitar/Mandolin
Patrick Smith- Trumpet
Joe Schmidt-Saxophone
Andrea Gonnella-Trombone

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