Stephen R. Fowler

Stephen R. Fowler

    Official Biography (courtesy of Stephen R. Fowler)

    Growing up in suburban Cleveland, Ohio as a “PK” (preacher’s kid), and Stephen R. Fowler’s music testimonial starts off like so many others:  “I was not allowed to listen to anything other than gospel music, so I cut my teeth on The Winans, John P. Kee, The Mighty Clouds of Joy and Commissioned.”  It wasn’t until Stephen stumbled across old 8-track tapes of Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin did he discover a world outside of gospel.  From then on, he would listen to anything he could get his ears on, finding influence in such artist as Donny Hathaway, The Gap Band, The Beatles, James Brown, and a host of others.  Listening to such a vast array of artists helped shape a sound that can be described in so many ways, but Stephen likes to call it “soulfully original”.  Stephen started playing for his church when he was 11 years old.   He often describes himself as a singer who “happens” to know how to play piano and bass.

    Stephen has been blessed to perform locally, nationally, and internationally, including Germany, Switzerland and Austria, with such artists as Pamela Williams, Walter Barnes, Jr. & Men Of Ministry, and Bob Singleton’s Golden Gospel Singers.  Stephen has also been seen performing on “The Situation with Tucker Carlson” (MSNBC), “The 2007 Bobby Jones International Gospel Artist Retreat” (The Word Network), “The Gospel of Music with Jeff Majors (TV One), and “Bobby Jones Gospel Hour” (BET).  Most recently, Stephen was seen by over 30 million viewers on the 8th season of the biggest television show in the world, “American Idol”, where he made it to the Top 36 Semifinal round.  After that experience, he joined the Fox 8 News Team as a special correspondent for the “American Idol” recap segment.  Stephen is signed to GrooveKidz Records and is currently working on his debut project.


    Available Music

    Featured Album - ASCENDANT - Illuminate: Yellow
    Choice Cut - Fred Reed - "Tug Of War"