651 Arts celebrates the Music and Movement of 1963

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    On February 9, the folks at 651 Arts are taking a look back 50 years, to the music of 1963.  The show, called “Soundtrack ’63,” promises to be a great look back at a pivotal year. From "Freedom Now" to "Keep on Pushin," music has always been a reflection of our social landscape. Featuring Blitz the Ambassador & Abiodun Oyewole from The Last Poets & an 18-piece orchestra, the show presents the music behind the movement.

    The music of 1963 was the soundtrack to a transformation. It inspired generations of African descendants to reclaim their humanity. The spirituals of the past brought faith and courage; pop tunes were an escape from harsh realities; and truth-tellers sang with a soulful defiance that electrified the Civil Rights Movement. The music of '63 still resonates with piercing clarity. “ – Chen Lo, curator of Soundtrack ‘63

    For tickets and more information http://www.651arts.org/on-stage/event/soundtrack-63

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